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Dusty Belle - Single - Little Oak + Co
Dusty Belle - Single - Little Oak + Co

Dusty Belle - Single

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Each Fitted sheet has high quality enclosed elastic and all corners are french seamed meaning your linen is made with durability and strength in mind. Plus the less exposed thread means this is safer for your little one if anything was to happen. Overlocking in the past has caught on something in the wash and unraveled, leaving it exposed when your little one sleeps, potentially being able to wrap around toes/fingers whilst they are asleep.  


Single Fitted Sheet:

Designed to fit mattresses measuring 187cm (L) x 90cm (W) x 20cm (H)


Doona Cover:

Doona Covers are designed to fit inserts measuring 210 (L) X 140 (W)

Each cover will have a patterned top, with a white underside. Fully enclosed corners and snap release buttons to secure the opening closed. 


Pillow Case:

Standard Case: Size: 70cm (W)  x 45cm (H)